Create customizable training content, and programs based on job descriptions. This will help functional departments train their employees with dedicated material.

Bullet -9 Provide complete online training courses, inlcudes registering and approving requests for Department Heads, HRM, BOD.

Bullet -9 Provide multilevel approval process for approving training funds (For example: Training programs costs less than 5 milion VNĐ must be approved by HRM, over 5 milion must be approved by BOD).

Bullet -9 Develop and control general training plans and task or skill-specific training plans.

Bullet -9 Monitor each training program in detail (training plans, training funds, training time, participating employee, testing, results, post-training performance).

Bullet -9 Versatility in configuring agreements in Training Contracts / Training Agreements.

Bullet -9 Manage training history of employees: Onboarding Period or Under-Employment Period; May be used for analyzing and statistically measuring data in HR development.