Provides multiple ways to manage applications: Direct Upload from Candidate; Online Transfer by Headhunter Database, etc.
Monitors the recruitment process (from creating applications / approving applications to scheduling interviews and evaluating post-interview results).
Measuring recruitment performance and providing customizable data for assessing KPIs.

Bullet -1 Allows any department to create a recruitment request.

Bullet -1 Online approval for Department Heads/ HRM/ BOD.

Bullet -1 Supporting multiple data entries; Data Import from recruitment portals; Import using provided or custom forms, templates, etc.

Bullet -1 Manage and monitor potential talent pools. Utilize multi-dimensional metrics to analyze and evaluate recruitment data for selecting candidates.

Bullet -1 Allows department heads to conduct online interviewing, and to update results. Hiring managers may approve hiring online.

Bullet -1 Make adjustments to the job descriptions while in interview process.

Bullet -1 Online monitoring and evaluations during onboarding & probation period – made available to Department Heads, HRM, BOD.