Versatile configuration for setting up policies, diversifying policies, conditions and benefits.
Monitor and report assigned individual benefit policies.

 Setting up configurable policies: validity period, calculation period (by date, by time, or by week, month, quarter, year period, etc.).

 Establishing conditions and beneficiaries of a policy: by department, occupation, job, status, seniority, disciplinary, language, skill, gender, children, etc.

 Providing formula for calculating desirable level of beneficiaries.

 Automatic and manual policy adjustment for everyone.

 Monitor and report level of beneficiaries made available for everyone.

 Manage loan contracts under loan terms. Facilitate access to loan contracts, debt assignment to others and monitor payment information for all employee.

 Direct connection with C&B Module, allows to transfer deductible payment entries to employee payroll. Monthly repayments are deducted from your payroll.