Develop and manage organizational structure.
reating and controlling online HR management: Managing requests/approvals/monitoring results.
Developing Human Resource Management plans for member companies, divisions and corporate.
Highly configurable salary/wage table.

 Develop and manage organizational structure using multi-relationship Schemas.

 Create and control online HR management models: Managing requests/approvals & monitoring results.

 Develop, manage and approve the intership application process.

 Manage the process of transfering employees between companies or divisions.

 Monitor and manage policy changes when employees move between member companies or divisions. (seniority, annual Leave, severance pay, etc.).

 Develop human resource management plans, and allocation of funds, by department, position, job title (recruiting staff / replacing staff / appointing personnel / transfering personnel, etc.).

 Highly configurable settings for managing Maternity/Childcare Policies.

 Develop payroll systems dedicated to various business types and models (salary grade, job title, position, wage groups etc.)

 Develop and manage corporate welfare policies (Vacation, Insurance Benefits, Maternity).

 Manage reporting of personnel (Commission Based, Outsourcing job, Commission only, Retirement accounts etc.).