Versatile settings for payroll calculations based on employee occupation, job level, and/or category.
Create and manage benefit & Incentive policies.
Report income tax for Personal Income Tax declaration and Personal Income Tax Finalization.

Bullet -14 Automatic calculating and reserving certain unemployment insurance funds.

Bullet -14 Provides various payroll models (Hourly, Annual Rate, Commission & Performance).

Bullet -14 Highly configurable payroll formulas, poilicies.

Bullet -14 Identifying and transfering payroll entries to ERP modules: receivables, payables, expenses, etc.

Bullet -14 Calculating wage/salary expenses by Job Code.

Bullet -14 Analyze wage fluctuations by reason or causes (personnel changes, periodic adjustments, job change/advancement).

Bullet -14 Creating draft Tax Declaration and providing data for Tax Audit.

Bullet -14 Automatic wage calculation and payments for past periods (Retroactive Pay and Wage Calculation)

Bullet -14 Delivering encrypted/password protected payslips to employees.