Versatile configuration for creating and managing work-shifts.
Compatible with all Attendance Tracking Machine available in the market today.
Manage overtime limits based on month, year, period.
Manage the process of overtime registration, and late in – early out registration (from requesting, approving, to processing data and analyzing results).

 A complete online process for registering Overtime Hours, Arriving Late and Departing Early. Available for Employees, Department Heads, HRM.

 Create automatic task assignment process for Overtime Hours and monitoring results.

 Setting up versatile overtime policies (Overtime Allowance or Paid Leaves).

 Creating alerts for users when overtime hours exceed time limit regulations. Compatible with Biometric Recorders and Time Clock Machines. Supports various Data Formats (SQL, Access, Plain Text, Excel).

 Analyzing data of each employee (Late in – Early out, Overtime Hours exceed Approved Limit)